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welcome to , The Best Home Tutoring service in Delhi & Kanpur. Now we offer you all affiliates to do affiliate marketing on our website , so now you have different type of questions about our program , Don’t worry we’ll try to solve your all problem below-

Ques = What is affiliate marketing?                                                        Ans=Simply defined, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting the products of other people or companies. An affiliate program is a relationship between online merchants and affiliates, enabling the affiliate to advertise the company’s products or services for a commission.

 Ques=Do I have to pay a fee to join your affiliate program?                  Ans=No. There are absolutely no charges of any kind to become a yourshometutor affiliate.

 Ques=How does the affiliate program work?                                              Ans=In an affiliate program, participating parties earn commissions on   sales generated through text links, specific product promotion, or banners   via successful marketing campaigns. When you refer a customer and they   use our service, we give you a 10%(max.) commission from the sale,   renewable each time the customer use our service again.

 Ques=What all affiliates have to do?                                                           Ans=You simple promot our program through your social media plateform or   simple run a social media campaign for us, by your promotion if any customer   use our service then you’ll get commission for that.

Ques=What is commission process?                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ans= commission if you suggested any tuition job or leads=10% of first month fee if you suggested tutor=4% of first month fee We give you commission in both   cases after when we get first month fee. Before first month fee you’ll not be claim us for any commission . Now if you have any kind of questions then you can   call us , mail us and you can send what’s app 

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