terms & conditions

for students/parents-


  1. The First two-three days will be the free demo classes and the Tutor will continue further only after first month tuition fee payment received by Yourshometutor.com .
  2. The verified Tutor means, we have his / her ID & Address proof along with academic records provided by him/her. Same can be provided to you and Legal Authority on demand only when there is Legal requirement for the relevant cause .
  3. Parents/students have no rights to misbehave with our Tutor. Continuity of any Tutor for tuition is depends on harmonious relationship between you and Tutor and other conditions/reasons for the Tutor . However, you can get a Tutor replaced any time, after completion of the first month of a Tutor.
  4. If parents/students call a Tutor after a gap of few days/weeks/ months of the trial class then it is the duty of you to inform us about that.
  5. If parents/studenrs hide from us the running of tuition doing the job by our Tutor, first of all, registration of student will be cancelled and we’ll not  be responsible/able to provide id /address proof /other details of Tutor /Teacher on demand.
  6. Parents/students will pay tuition fee on the due date (informed by us ) to the Tutor from the second month and onwards.                                                                                                                           Thanks for reading all Term & Condition.

for Tutors-

  1. Registration Process- When you share your details with us then automatic you registered on Yours Tutorial. 
  2. After registration you got your ID NO. #ID NO. M123 or F123 ….where M means male and F means female,,,123 is your serial no. 
  3. We do not take any Registration fee. But we take share of your salary as given below.
  4. Golden plan= We take 60% Share of your first month salary And rest part (40%) yours . only for first month From the next month u taken your whole salary
  5. Silver plan= We take 35% salary of your starting two month salary And rest part (75%) yours.only for two month . From the next month u keep your whole salary.
  6. You have to understand that if you hide running of tution of our given details then we have right to take legal action against you.
  7. You have to be about leads or tutions . Because we work to hard to provide you job as faster as we can .
  8. You have to give two demo classes each student.
  9. You’ll get Your first month share after one week from joining .
  10. You have to know that after taking first month share you must do your job at least one month …. If you left your job after one month or parents fired you then you only get 60% share.
  11. If you have any problem with parents or student then you directly contact us .We love to solve your problem.
  12. From now every time you contact us through whats app . In special case you can call us.                                                                                                                                                                                Thanks for reading all Terms & Conditions.


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